Sunday, December 11, 2011

We are getting married!!!!!

On my 36th birthday 11-11-11 Mr. Fentiman got down on one knee at the Intercontinental hotel and asked me if I would  marry him. Even though he couldn't hear me through the sobbing tears I said yes. On October 13, 2012 I will become Sarah Marie Fentiman and I am SO ready for that day.

We usually have a get away on our birthdays.. Mine November11th and his November 12th. So when I walked into the hotel room I thought nothing of the rose petals, candles, wine and chocolate dipped strawberries because he always does a phenomenal job of making our time romantic and perfect. So I walked up to the table to look at everything and then he grabbed my left hand... I turned around and  at that point he got down on one knee! I immediately started sobbing. What a great guy. All of the pictures were taken with my cell phone, so I'm sorry for the quality but I wanted to share our moment with you.

He had the rose petals painted the colors I want for our wedding.. Well at least he asked for those colors. :) He also matched the candles and the sugar on the strawberries. Didn't I tell you that he was good????

He proposed using the ring box that my mom's wedding set came in with a loaned ring. The next day we went to pick mine out... I got to wear my diamond with a loaned band until my band was ready. I got my official ring this past Thursday and I can't stop staring at it. It is SO beautiful.

Ignore the old hand and look at the Emerald cut diamond.. much prettier eh?

The assistant manager  at Tivol , Wendy Sight sent me this picture once it was done. She went above and beyond for us and we couldn't have asked for more! Thank you Wendy!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

News.. to come..

I have news that I have been DYING to tell you... but I have to wait until next Saturday so that we can have a little show and tell. Until then I will leave you with a hint. Remember this dress? More to come.