Sunday, October 31, 2010

My 1st baby quilt

In my previous post I mentioned that I had finished one of the two quilts I have started. This quilt was given to someone that I work with a month ago right before they welcomed Madison Avery into the world. I knew the nursery was decorated in pinks, greens and browns so I had to find the perfect fabric. I finally found the fabric online and of course production of the print had been stopped. Well.. long story short I got all of the fabric I needed from four different online quilt shops. I keep going back to another quilt that I am working on and I have started a third one for Christmas. I'll have to share as they get completed..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What do you think?

I have recently acquired a sewing machine and so far I have completed five things. First I made two pillow cases for Madison one with gymnastics and one with Halloween fabric. Then I started two small quilts, I got one finished and I keep going back to the other one because it isn't quite right yet. And finally I am trying to do fun things with little clothing. PLEASE keep in mind that I have not attempted anything like this before and they were made with love so be nice...please.

I made this first...

Then I decided that his sister needed a matching outfit....

I hope that they like them and I can't wait to actually see them on the little cuties!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Madison's 5th grade music program

Madison had her 5th grade music program tonight. Each of the students got to choose what rock star they wanted to be and I MAY or may not have pushed for Madonna. Cone boob Madonna was not appropriate and so we went for the 80's Madge (before she was Madge and before she had freaky man arms). We also saw Elvis, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift and a hand full of rappers. I had an um... oh dear moment when I saw a glimpse of Barry and I's future with "Madison the teenager". On Halloween she will be sporting some footie pajamas and a pacifier to be "baby Madison" so all will be well with the world.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pioneer woman's rolls

My friend Megan and I read the Pioneer woman's blog at lot. I go there at least twice a day to make sure that I don't miss anything and one of these days I will win something! Anyway.. on Sunday we decided to make her cinnamon rolls and her chocolate chip sweet rolls. Both recipes use her sweet roll dough so we had that all figured out. HOWEVER we went back and forth about how many rolls that one batch of dough makes. Just so that you know one batch of dough makes TWO batches of rolls. Of course we didn't know that and made two batches of dough which of course makes FOUR batches or rolls. Needless to say we now have 22 pans of rolls between the two of us. It is guaranteed that if you see me in the next two weeks you will get a pan of these yummy morsels.

The above picture is the beginning stages of a very messy kitchen ( I love Megan's counter tops )
Here is my first attempt at rolling up the dough... Next time I will put the dough in the fridge overnight to make it easier to handle. The flippin' stuff kept rising as I was rolling. Load of crud I tell ya!

This is my friend Megan... Her heart is as beautiful as she is..

This is the start of a very good thing. The chocolate chip sweet rolls will make your toes curl and your eyes roll back into your head.

Megan's son Owen helped as well. Babies make my alarm clock go off because I am way past the ticking. Here are a couple of other little one's that make my alarm sound as well. Oh Lord help me!

Here are the finished Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting. My lips thank you Mr. Cinnamon roll, but my thighs and buttocks do not. Did I mention if you see me soon that these will be yours? Oh please take them my friends.... (my thighs and buttocks will thank you.. oh and so will Mr. Tummy)

Did I mention that we made 22 pans??????????
If you would like the recipes please go HERE for the cinnamon rolls and HERE for the chocolate chip sweet rolls. And she used to cook them at 400 but now she does 375, which worked perfect for us! Please grab a friend and make a play date to make these rolls. You will thank me... I promise!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Recipe

Be prepared to eat at least 4-5 pieces before you let anyone else near the cake. Consider yourself warned.... It is moist, delicious and makes me think of my mom and the wonderful little town that I grew up in. When I was there I couldn't wait to get out, and now I think back about how truly peaceful it really was. Football games on a Friday night ARE better in a small town. When everyone that drives by you waives it WILL cheer you up on a bad day. 5 am on a Saturday is NOT early when you know that you will be spending all day with your dad spending quality time shooting at some birds. Freshman year in high school IS better when you find out that your big brother who always picks on you is your best friend and protector. Appreciate what you have on a daily basis and thank you for listening to my warm fuzzy memories. Oh and enjoy the cake!

If you use an airbake sheet cake pan it take about five minutes longer (per mom)

4 eggs
1 2/3 cups sugar
1 cup oil
1 can pumpkin

~mix the above and set aside

2 cups flour
2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. soda

Mix together all of the dry ingredients ( I use my mixer on low ) then add the wet ingredients. DO NOT GREASE THE PAN. Now pour the mixture into your sheet cake/jelly roll pan. Put in a pre-heated 350 degree oven. Bake for 25-30 min, but please do yourself a favor and check at 25 minutes because nobody likes an overcooked cake. I use the good ol' toothpick trick to make sure it comes out clean just like mom.

Room temperature 3 oz cream cheese, room temperature 1/2 cup oleo (margarine), 1 tsp vanilla. It may take two or more cups of powdered sugar..go slow as you beat it together. The longer you beat the creamier it gets. Put it on a COOLED cake

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

recipe coming today

My mom's pumpkin bar recipe is coming later this afternoon. Our Internet has been down all weekend, but should be up tonight. I am going to try and do a picture tutorial this weekend but I feel as if you need to know the details now. I am on my work computer (shhh) so I will be back at lunch with the goods.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My mom's pumpkin bar recipe

Coming soon...

I will be whipping up a batch of my mom's pumpkin bars this weekend and I am warning you now that you WILL fall in love. With the bars, not me... well maybe me because I gave you the recipe for the bars.. oh never mind. Anywho. They are moist, delicious and pumpkin (oh how I love pumpkin). And there is cream cheese frosting of course that makes me swoon. Do people even say swoon anymore? Wow I need a nap.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A mini documentary

The awareness this month is on the abilities of those born with Down Syndrome, not their disabilities. I really wish that we could inject a little of that extra chromosome into more people on this earth. Could you imagine how wonderful of a world that would be?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

More alike than different

This month is Down Syndrome Awareness month. I volunteer and am on one of the committees for Heartstrings Community Foundation. This is an organization that employees developmentally disabled adults and gives everyone the opportunity that they deserve. I have become very close to a lot of the people that work at Heartstrings and they constantly amaze me with their generosity and friendship. I feel extremely lucky to have them in my life. A few of my friends at Heartstrings were blessed with a little something extra and this is the month to be aware that we are more alike than different.