Monday, July 20, 2009

My Girls

So obviously by reading all the posts on this blog so far it is apparent that there is way too much talk going on about my hand and me. I think it is time that the two ladies in my life get a little pub.

I don't really get this entire blog thing, but I guess the posts are supposed to be short so I will do my best. First of all anyone that puts up with me on a daily basis should be awarded a medal or something just on that fact alone. In all seriousness though they are simply amazing and never get told thank you enough for all they do. They provide me motivation each and everyday of my life and without them I would be lost. It isn't too often that one gets to spend everyday with their best friends, and as dumb as it might sound saying my nine year old and my girlfriend are my best friends, the simple fact is they are. No one will ever argue when someone says life isn't easy, but with all these two do in my life and for me mine is a cake walk. So I just wanted everyone to know how truly special the girls in my life are, and how lucky I am to have them. Sarah/Madison, thank you for being the people the both of you are, thank you for all that you do for me, and thank you for providing me with the direction/motivation I need in my life. All of us that are fortunate enough to know you both should consider ourselves lucky.

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