Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heartstrings Community Foundation

I volunteer for an organization called Heartstrings and love every minute of it! Heartstrings Community Foundation is a local business that employs developmentally disabled adults and assists them in living independent and productive lives. I knew a few friends that worked there before I started voluntering but have met many more . Please check out their website to learn more about this awesome group. If you would like to learn more about volunteering or donating to the organization please let me know as well because we are currently planning different fundrasing events and would love to have you there! Oh.. and if you would like to learn more about a goodie deliver team at your place of employment let me know.

Today we had a photoshoot of the goodie delivery team that comes to my work every Wednesday. I will be taking more of the rest of the employess but I wanted to share a few of these images with you now. (back row: Rita and Pat front row: Jack and Erin)

Let me introduce you to Erin . Erin is a sweetheart and has the most beautiful smile. Her giggle is so contagious I look forward to it every week.

This gentleman is Pat. Everyone looks forward to seeing Pat every week because of his big smile and amazing complements.
This young lady is Rita. Ms. Rita is very eager to help and suggests some awesome treats. (unfortunatly I can not say no to these treats and my thighs are the proof left behind...speaking of behind... it is proof as well)
We are currently trying to find walkers/runners to sign up for the Hospital Hill Run. If you would like to sign up to walk/run for Heartstrings, or support one of the current runners with a donation it would be greatly appriciated. You can contact me via email at .

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