Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold weather = sewing

I am currently working on a few sewing projects and having a blast! I have enlisted three models to strut their stuff once I am done. I wanted to show you model #1's dress that I just completed last night. I still have model 1's hair accessory to make her outfit complete . Then I will be moving onto #2 and #3's attire once I get their measurements (ahem) from their mommy. Please give me feedback as I post these handmade creations because I love to get outside opinions of my labors of love..

1 comment:

  1. love love love it!! If I thought I would look cute in that....I have you make me one! ;) Too bad you don't have very many girls to make those for on the Brumfield side! Keep up the great work!! Have you ever heard of 3Seams? or even on FB! THey make dresses just like these (it seems) and take them to Haiti!! check it out!