Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reminder of rules for the drawings

1) leave a comment (after making a donation) for the item you wish to receive under that item's post
2) if mailing a check email me for my address (still leave a comment) or Reece's Rainbow's address below
3) if you don't have a blogger account email me the item and I will put your name in the bucket (after making a donation)

That is it! three rules... If you do not leave me a comment then I don't know what item that you want. If you have already donated and would like to be entered please email me at to let me know which drawing you would like to be a part of. Thank again for being a part of bringing this beautiful baby home to her parents and siblings.

~Cash or personal check donations can be given to me personally or for it to be tax deductible send directly to Reece's Rainbow at:

Reece's Rainbow

PO Box 4024

Gaithersburg, MD 20885

***Make sure you put "Jason & Rochelle Cannon - Dariya" in the memo section so it gets to their account.

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