Friday, April 1, 2011

Warm yellow time machine

I have always felt like I should have been born in a different era. Before cell phones, before computers, before there was a TV in every room of the house. The days when life was a little slower, but a beautiful slow like a trickling mountain stream. Simpler times, evening strolls after dinner with no fear, sitting on your front porch on a summer night with the neighbors sipping tea. I can't go to those times, or can I? It may just be clothing, but for some reason it makes me take a deep breath and a smile creeps onto my face every time I put on a piece of vintage clothing.

Recently my mom gave me a coat that she received in the 60's from my meme', it was actually the last coat that her mother bought for her. My meme died when I was almost three years old so I don't have any memories of her, well let me take that back..I have memories but I don't know if they are stories I was told or if they are things that my little two year old brain held onto. Now I have the coat, the coat that is the color of the sun and every time I put it on I feel my mom's and my memes arms around me. This coat is warm, it is fun and it is my time machine.

Aunt Ann (moms sister) and me in my yellow time machine
 Disclaimer: I was tired because I had been up all night finishing a baby quilt that I will show you this weekend, so please just look at my beautiful aunt and the coat... Thank you.

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