Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The "R" word

The “R” word… I have extreme issues with this word.. Everyone at my work place knows this and if they say it they always catch themselves and say I’m sorry I mean dumb. Really? I appreciate that they are trying to change their vocabulary, but it just solidifies that they use that word to = dumb or stupid. I got into a conversation with one of them and they stated that they would never use that word to describe a developmentally disabled person or say it around a disabled person. Huh? The word has become offensive and derogatory and by them saying they would never say it around a disabled person solidifies once again that it shouldn’t be used. I said so.. is it okay for you to use the “N” word as long as you weren’t directly talking about a person of color? Then it turned into an “apples and oranges” discussion that I knew would go nowhere so I decided to stop talking. They said that I am just sensitive due to the circle of people I have relationships with. Huh?

I see people, I see their abilities, I see the size of their smiles and the volume of love in their hearts. I don’t see disabilities ( unless it is the disability to see how offensive a word is ). I do not have a child or a relative with mental or physical disabilities so if this issue upsets me I can’t even imagine how upset those directly involved would be. My mother always taught me love and equality so sometimes I find it very hard to accept those who venture away from it. She also taught me that if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face then don’t say it behind their back. To me selectively using the word in the presence of certain individuals shows that you shouldn’t use it at all. So I pray.. Please look at the images of some of my talented and beautiful friends below, ingrain their smiles into your brain, ingrain their kind eyes. Now next time you go to use that awful word think of them standing beside you.. Would you still use it?

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