Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All for one! Buddy walk 2011

We had a blast last weekend at the buddy walk. Our friends Alayna and Rochelle however were very missed.. I would have had more fun if I could have loved on all of the little ones but I had a nasty cold that I didn't want to share. My mom, sister two nieces and nephew came along with us this year as well to join in the fun!

two peas in a pod...

"we are family"

Jace and Dad

LC didn't love KC Wolf

Got ya Courtney!!

whew... I think she's glad the wolf is gone!

Ms. Addy was there too!!

I tried to coax a smile from Aidan... stinker! But the little model next to him helped me out!

What a great day!


  1. Haha That little model is my neice Grace! Super great pics. Thanks for always supporting us! Love you!

  2. canNOT stop laughing at terror-stricken Pudge. It was so good to have you there with your whole crew!! We can't wait a whole year to see you again, though! xoxox