Monday, October 26, 2009

Step up and have ton's of fun!

This is us " warming up " before the walk. Smiles ready? check... tutu water bottle in hand?check... camera in tow? check.

Madison and Mr. Wolf... She had so much fun. Please note the smile ( she had just stopped laughing from the size of his bootox )

LC and Alayna became even more famous on Saturday when channel five news had them stop to make an appearance.

Please meet LC and her parents Courtney and Justin. The balloon's were more interesting than I was to LC, but I understand completely baby girl. ( I bore myself a lot )

Have you ever seen such flippin' cute babies? My insides were making all kinds of noises, which of course Barry promptly quieted (many times)
What a great Saturday! Beautiful weather, fun activities and most of all meeting new friends.

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