Monday, January 25, 2010


Madison competed at her 3rd gymnastics tournament this weekend and we all had so much fun. I have loved gymnastics since I was young but we never had it available in my small town so now I can live vicariously through my little girl. As long as Mady is having fun the scores really don't mean that much to us but she has been doing so good.. The look on her face when she gets a medal or a ribbon is worth a million dollars. This weekend she got 9.1 on Vault, 9.15 bars, 9.5 beam and a 9.6 on the floor! She ended up finishing 1st in all-around...I don't think that smile left her face until she hit the pillow on Saturday night.

The one arm "salute" cracked Barry and I up. She told us it was because she didn't want to disturb the ribbon. How cute is that!

Coach Tom giving advice....

There is that beautiful smile!

Mady wants me to let you know that I caught her on the downward side of the leap :) I ended up taking videos of each event with my camera so I only got warming up pictures but next weekend I hope to get more still shots of her routines. I am so excited for her and all of the fun she is having! I feel so blessed to be able to share these moments.
Disclaimer**** We are only allowed to take pictures with NO FLASH***

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  1. Ah! LOVE the new layout & mady pic at the top! & great job mady at your tournament! she looks great.