Monday, April 18, 2011

My little Minnies in action

As you all know I love kids. You know what else I love? Seeing those wee ones in a SMarie ~ Handmade Minnie Mouse dress! LC and Arina know how to work it, and I am L O V I N G it! Once LC and her brother get better they are going to be models for my site. IF I can stop squeezing on them long enough to take their pictures that is! Thank you Lacey for sending me a picture of your princess so that I could share it with the masses, and thank you Courtney for letting me monopolize on your children's pure cuteness once they get to feeling better. Oh...and Lacey, I can't wait to see Ms. Thing and Mr. Thing in the wonderful world of Disney sporting their matching duds so you better take tons of pictures!

( do you guys hear that?? Yes, it is my womb aching for a baby)


  1. Oh we'll be taking pictures like crazy! You better believe it!!

  2. Two of the cutest girls EVER!!! I miss hugging on them!