Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tax returns

I finally made up my mind on what I wanted to get with my tax returns. I have a pitiful collection of cookware but I love to cook. I have had to move more times in my life then I would like to admit and unfortunately I have lost a lot of things over the years. Currently I have two pots and two pans all which are pretty dang bad. SO... I was going to get a 5.5 quart round Le Creuset dutch oven for something fresh and fabulous!
BUT.... Kittie had a different idea. Kittie decided that she needed to get a urinary tract infection. So $272 later I have antibiotics and a cat on the mend but no Le Creuset dutch oven. But with a face like this I can't stay upset for too long. And she was a very well behaved patient for the doctor. Poor thing had to get urine extracted with a needle because peeing in a cup was not an option. What a good little girl...

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