Friday, September 30, 2011

Peaches and raspberries and jam.... oh my!

I went over to my friend Megan's house recently and we made jam! Why not take advantage of the super fresh produce that is super cheap at the moment. Neither of us had canned before, or at least alone before. Both of our moms had but our jobs were usually snapping the beans or cutting the tomatoes! We had a great time and man oh man is the jam good. We added a little cinnamon to the peach jam and it tastes like cobbler.. okay I must go now because there is a warm piece of toast upstairs begging for a little jam.

Round 2 is coming soon because we only have a couple jars left between the two of us!

Yes, that is the look of pride on our faces

Owen wanted to "help" as well... I can't even begin how to explain how this little boy melts my heart

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  1. how much is the shipping on a jar? :) looks delicious!