Saturday, October 1, 2011

Discovery Cove Orlando

While we were in Orlando we visited Discovery Cove. We saved up, we came, we saw, we conquered! They only took pictures while we were meeting and swimming with the dolphins so that is what you get to see. To be that close to ones of God amazing creatures was such a phenomenal experience. I would come close to saying that it was probably one of the best times of my life up until now. We also swam in their new grand reef with the sting rays, tropical fish and sharks! Well, the sharks were behind glass but when you were in the water they seemed like they were right there. The coral was so beautiful and once again I was in aw of what God has created.

The sting rays were a little intimidating at first because some of them were HUGE. Here is a link to see a video of what we experienced . We didn't do the walking on the bottom thing but WOW it was amazing.

The first family picture is with a small female dolphin named Catalina that is three years old and the next one is with her dad Capricorn.. He is over 700 lbs and around 40 years old. Capricorn is also a movie star!! He appeared in Jaws III but was a very humble guy. They told us that his size is not typical for dolphins so he is an Adonis of sorts and all of the ladies love him. The food was all inclusive so we snacked quite a bit as well.. ;) I want to go back now!

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